South Beach Miami
MGI welcomes you to South Beach!

South Beach is famous for the bright art deco architecture, nightlife and parties, beautiful people and world class hotels, but none of that would be there if it wasn’t for the beach. South Beach’s natural attraction remains the top reason why people from all over the world visit Miami in winter, spring, summer or fall. South Beach is Miami’s most popular beach and a must-see during your visit here.

The eclectic neighborhood around South Beach’s free public beach, beginning at Ocean Drive and 5th Street and stretching up to 21st Street and Collins, includes some of the best and most tourist-friendly shopping, dining and people watching in all of Miami. No matter the season, you’ll see a blend of long time locals, new international transplants and visitors. The beach is always busy and the vibe is quintessential South Beach. It’s party-filled, fun and you’ll almost certainly see small planes overhead with banners advertising parties in the area that night.

If you’ve seen the iconic pastel-colored deco lifeguard stands in pictures and movies, this is where you’ll find them. Don’t skip South Beach, the place where Miami’s art deco history, beautiful beaches and popular nightlife come together in just a few blocks.

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