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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing the DePrez Group of Travel Companies!  We value your decision to entrust us with your travel plans.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER AND NOTICE: By reserving and depositing/paying for travel services you agree to all terms and conditions as set by the individual suppliers, including but not limited to, cancellation and change polices. If you are not fully aware of these terms, please inquire with our office. Individual supplier terms are listed in the tour operator brochure or are available from the air carrier's airport ticketing office. Copies are also available from our office upon request. We act only as agent for airlines, tour operators, hotels, car rentals and other independent parties that are beyond our direct control. Therefore, we do not assume ANY responsibility for the acts, errors or omissions of these parties, nor can we be held liable for any loss or damage occurring as a result of factors or cause beyond our direct control.


1. Please check your documents for accuracy when you receive them.

  • Correct Names and Spelling - Immigration laws and TSA airline security require the name on your travel documents match exactly to that on your Passport or Government issued Photo Identification.  Please verify the name on the enclosed statement to be certain we have it correct.  Nicknames are not acceptable.  If a change is necessary please notify your Travel Specialist immediately.  A name change may result in a charge by the tour, cruise and/or airline.
  • Correct dates and times - Changes may result in a charge by the tour, cruise and/or airline.

2. CHECK-IN - Minimum check-in time for domestic flights is 2 hours and for international flights is 3 hours. Government issued Photo Identification IS REQUIRED FOR ALL PASSENGERS.


  • Domestic: Call the airline to reconfirm all flights at least 24 hours prior to departure and at each point of stopover. This will give the airline the opportunity to keep you advised of any changes which may have occurred in your flight.
  • International: You must reconfirm continuing and return reservations at least 72 hours prior to flight time at each point of stopover or your reservations will automatically be cancelled. Failure to use any reservations may result in automatic cancellation of all continuing and return reservations.

4. TICKETS - Flight times and fares are based on current tariffs that are subject to change without notice.  Changes to tickets must be made on or before the departure time of the originating flight for the ticket to hold its value. Cancelled or unused tickets, that have remaining value, will be held as future credit. Changes requested after the departure date of the originally ticketed flight may render your ticket with ‘no value'. Consult the individual airline for additional information.

  • EXCURSION AND PROMOTIONAL FARES - Most discount fares involve certain restrictions, many are non-refundable, non-transferable. A change in carrier(s), flight(s), time(s) or routing(s) could result in a carrier demanding a full fare. Obtain agency or airline assistance before making any changes.  If your plans change in route you may be able to apply the value of your ticket towards your new ticket, be sure to ask the airline before purchasing a new ticket.  If a refund is due, obtain a receipt from the airline.
  • PREPAID TICKETS - If your travel arrangements involve a request for prepaid airline tickets, picked up by the passenger at the airline ticket counter, please note that most carriers require a mandatory non-refundable service charge. We appreciate your understanding that this charge is imposed by the airline and not by our office.
  • OVERBOOKING OF FLIGHTS - Airline flights may be overbooked, and there is a slight chance that a seat will not be available on a flight for which a person has a confirmed reservation.  Minimum check-in time for domestic flights is 2 hours and for international flights, 3 hours.  A person denied boarding, who checked in for their flight before the minimum check-in times, may be entitled to a compensatory payment. The rules for denied boarding compensation are available at all ticket counters.
  • AIRLINE BAGGAGE POLICIES - The baggage allowance per traveler varies by airline and is changing frequently. Most airlines charge for each bag checked and some are charging for carry-ons as well.  There may be exceptions to this policy depending on the type of ticket purchased, preferred frequent flyer membership and form of payment (I.E. airline credit cards). Weight and size restrictions also apply. Upon check-in, a service fee may be charged by the airline for baggage. Please click here for baggage information. Carry on luggage continues to restrict certain substances and an updated list may be found at WWW.TSA.GOV

Proof of identity is required for all air travel. Without proper identification, a passport and required visas and immunizations you will not be permitted to depart. It is your responsibility to verify your necessary travel documents.

6. INTERNATIONAL - A passport is required when traveling outside of the United States. Be sure you have necessary tourist cards, visas and health certificates depending on your destination.  Passenger is responsible to contact their local health department, physician, or Centers for Disease Control for Prevention in regards to health requirements/advisements.

  • When traveling abroad: It's important to know your passport, visa, and health requirements, which vary by destination. Make sure you get all the information you need well in advance of your trip. Boarding will be refused if you do not have the proper documents when checking in for your airline and/or cruise.  There will be no exceptions made by the airline or cruise lines; this is government imposed. Passports are required for all U.S. citizens traveling to or from the United States via land and sea, regardless of destination. Passports are required for all U.S. citizens traveling to or from the United States via air, to or from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean (with the exception of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), and Bermuda. For other destinations such as Europe & South America, passports have always been required.  Certain countries such as Australia, China, Russia & Turkey also require a Travel Visa in addition to your passport.  It is your responsibility to have these documents.  If you are unsure of the Visa requirements necessary for your travel destinations, please contact your Travel Specialist immediately.   Non U.S. citizens must contact the Consulate of their citizenship.
  • DESTINATION INFORMATION - The DePrez Group Of Travel Companies makes no warranty as to the safety, health or public welfare of any particular travel destination.  The US State Dept. offers advisories that should be reviewed and considered by all travelers.  Any decision by an individual to travel to any destination covered by any State Dept. or health dept. comments, advisories or warnings should be made solely by the individual based EXCLUSIVELY on information from the US State Department or other sources that in the sole opinion of the individual traveler are relevant. 

The DePrez Group of Travel Companies will make no recommendations with respect to the appropriateness of travel to any particular destination.  Refer to the US State Department for information regarding destination information.

7.HOTELS are usually confirmed on a guaranteed payment basis. If you cancel or change plans, please notify your hotel(s) within the time period specified by the hotel cancellation policy to avoid penalties.

8. INSURANCE - Your personal insurance may not adequately cover losses incurred by cancellation, accident, illness, and stolen or damaged property. Airline and other travel suppliers' insurance for baggage have limited liability. To adequately protect yourself, we strongly urge you to purchase additional insurance. Click here for more information on Travel Insurance.

9. TOUR/PACKAGE PRICES are subject to change without notice due to currency fluctuations, tariff changes or increase in operational costs. In addition, group tours/cruise packages are based on a minimum number of passengers traveling; if the number of passengers falls below the minimum required, a surcharge may be imposed on all passengers. Air Inclusive packages include your roundtrip airfare as well as other tour/package components. This type of package is the most popular and the most convenient.   

  • Airline tickets or air tours purchased are subject to supplemental price increases that may be imposed by the airline/tour operator after the date of purchase.  Post-purchase price increases may be applied due to additional costs imposed by the supplier or the government. You may be charged additional sums by The DePrez Group of Travel Companies to offset increased fees, fuel surcharges, taxes, fluctuations in foreign exchange markets or any combination thereof.  You will be asked to consent to any post-purchase price increases and authorize DePrez Travel Bureau, Inc. to charge your credit card for any such additional amounts.
  • For cruise/air packages the cruise line selects the airline carrier and your flight schedules.  Service may be jet, commuter or even charter service.  Air Deviations are written requests to the cruise line for an alteration of the standard Fly/Cruise Package.  If you desire a specific airline, guaranteed jet service, a different date of travel or a specific departure, we will be happy to forward your request to the cruise line.  They will respond if this is possible, and will advise you of the cost for this deviation if you accept.  All requests for air deviations must be made in writing as early as possible to your Travel Specialist.

IMPORTANT!!! If you arrive at an airline ticket or passenger check-in counter, prior to the minimum required check-in time, with your e-ticket information and find that the airline shows no reservation for you - do not leave the counter.  Your ticket is an electronic ticket or an “e-ticket” and your confirmation code will allow the airline agent to access your “record".  This record contains a complete history of all activity associated with your reservation. The airline must accommodate you on that flight, if that is not possible, they must either find you a substitute flight or pay you denied boarding compensations. If necessary, ask to speak to a supervisor.

10. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY - The DePrez Group of Travel Companies act as intermediary or as agent for suppliers in selling services, or in accepting reservations or bookings for services, which are not directly supplied by DePrez (such as air carriage, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, meals, tours, cruises, etc.). The DePrez Group of Travel Companies, therefore, shall not be responsible for breach of contract or any intentional or careless actions or omissions on part of such suppliers, which result in any loss, damage, delay, or injury to you or your travel companions or group members. Your retention of tickets, reservations or bookings after issuance shall constitute a consent of the above, and an agreement on your part to convey the contents hereof to your travel companions or group members. The DePrez Group of Travel Companies herein gives notice that it cannot be held responsible for any disruption of travel and/or related services in “troubled areas” due to Monetary Crisis, Political or Social Unrest, Labor Problems, Mechanical or Construction Difficulties, Climatic Aberrations, Local Laws, Diseases or Novel Conditions, including Terrorist Activities.

1.If an airline declares bankruptcy, it is not obligated to carry you or to refund tickets issued before the bankruptcy.
2. Travel Agents are not allowed to refund tickets on airlines which have declared bankruptcy. Money given to a travel agent immediately becomes the property of the airlines, we are required by law to comply with the airlines orders.
3. If an airline declares bankruptcy it might continue service, limited service, or stop completely. Other airlines might accept passengers under limited circumstances or may refuse to accept any passengers from the defaulted carrier.

1.If any travel related supplier (such as cruise line, ground operator, motor coach operator, tour operator, accommodation provider, auto rental firm) fail to provide service due to financial insolvency, declared or undeclared bankruptcy, or fraud, we are not financially responsible.
2. Travel suppliers require payment in advance from travel agencies for booked travel services. In most all cases, our agency will have forwarded all funds received from customers to suppliers on behalf of the customer prior to departure.
3. Travel suppliers are not required by any government body to provide contracted services. Recourse is generally only available on a “civil” basis through the court system.
4. Legal expenses associated with any attempted recovery of funds are the sole responsibility of the customer and are not recoverable from The DePrez Group of Travel Companies.
5. Your retention of tickets, reservations or bookings after issuance shall constitute consent to the above, and an agreement on your part to convey the contents hereof to your travel companions or group members.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND TRAVEL INSURANCE.  Click here for more information on Travel Insurance    

The DePrez Group of Travel Companies and its agents have endeavored to secure the lowest possible fare, suitable for your travel requirements, based on space available at the time of booking, accessible sources of information, and knowledge of agents involved. The DePrez Group of Travel Companies cannot guarantee, in view of the deregulation of airline fares, that the fare indicated on the ticket will be the lowest possible fare at departure date. Please contact your agent at The DePrez Group of Travel Companies before departure if you wish to recheck any newly introduced fare that may correspond with your specific travel requirements. This amount may be above and beyond any supplier penalties.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding your travel plans.